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    When precision repairs matter, we are the masters of our craft! Why do truck owners come to our truck repair shop? Simple! We offer practical, low cost solutions to your truck problems. At OC Fleet Service Inc, we have combined our extensive experience to bring you quality truck repairs at fair prices. Our truck repair shop has some of the most courteous, professional, and certified technicians to help you get back on the road!

    Since 2005, truckers from all over have come to us for repairs they can count on. Our truck repair shop specializes in full service maintenance and repair for medium and heavy duty trucks. We perform B.I.T Inspections and D.O.T. Inspections, RV and motor home repairs, and trailer and lift gate repairs. Additionally, we do custom steel fabrication and forklift maintenance and repair. As a truck repair shop held in high esteem in our community, we take pride in what we do and it has shown in our workmanship. We know how important your truck is to you, for this reason we want to make sure all repairs are done cost efficiently. Our truck repair shop will then take the necessary steps to ensure your vehicle is ready to keep up with all highway and private road safety code standards. Although we are a fleet specialist, for your convenience we welcome small jobs as well.

    Our service speaks for itself by the number of referrals we receive from insurance companies and past customers. Our formula for success is simple - provide quality work at fair prices. Bring your truck in to our truck repair shop today so we can put you back on the road fast! Call OC Fleet Service Inc in Santa Ana, CA at 714-715-0330 or 714-231-0447 so we can discuss the solutions available for your truck.

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    Imagine not having to worry about your truck breaking down! It’s a bold statement, but we stand behind our claim. We are a truck repair shop specializing in precision repairs. We don’t settle for anything less! We’ll do the best we can to repair your vehicle as soon as possible, that way you can get back on the road without losing time and money. Why trust someone else with your truck? For your convenience we have mobile capability. Call OC Fleet Service Inc in Santa Ana, CA at 714-715-0330 or 714-231-0447 to find out more about our services:

    * Fleet Maintenance
    * Truck Repair
    * Motor Home Repair
    * Mobile Repair
    * Trailer Repair
    * Lift Gate Repair
    * Custom Fabrication
    * Diesel Mechanic
    * Truck Window Repair
    * Big Trucks Repair
    * Clogged AC
    * Fleet Trucks Repair
    * Body Work
    * Truck Bumper Repair

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